“Fieldwork for Healthcare: Guidance for investigating human factors in computer systems”

The book is published in Morgan & Claypool Publishers’ Synthesis Lectures on Assistive, Rehabilitative, and Health-Preserving Technologies. It is available online here and the hardcopy can be purchased from Amazon here.

This book contains a series of chapters around important themes which emerged from our CHI 2013 workshop. They each offer guidance from experienced researchers co-authoring these chapters to combine their experiences.

The goal was to share the expertise and wisdom from seasoned researchers so others can learn from them. The book is aimed at the graduate researcher but it is likely to be more widely applicable as it covers the following subjects:

Chapter 1: Ethics, Governance and Patient & Public Involvement in Healthcare – Dominic Furniss, Rebecca Randell, Svetlena Taneva, Helena Mentis, Daniel Wolstenholme, Andy Dearden, Aisling Ann O’Kane, and Ann Blandford

Chapter 2: Readying the Researcher for Fieldwork in Healthcare – Heather Underwood, Ross Thomson, Anjum Chagpar, and Dominic Furniss

Chapter 3: Establishing and Maintaining Relationships in Healthcare Fieldwork– Svetlena Taneva, Aisling Ann O’Kane, Raj Ratwani, Brian Hilligoss, Anja Thieme, and Kristina Groth

Chapter 4: Practicalities of Data Collection in Healthcare Fieldwork – Katherine Sellen, Aleksandra Sarcevic, Yunan Chen, Rebecca Randell, Xiaomu Zhou, Deborah Chan, and Atish Rajkomar

Chapter 5: Healthcare Intervention Studies ‘In The Wild’ – Mads Frost, Cecily Morrison, Daniel Wolstenholme, and Andy Dearden

Chapter 6: Impact of Fieldwork in Healthcare: Understanding Impact on Researchers, Research, Practice and Beyond – Helena Mentis, Svetlena Taneva, Ann Blandford, Dominic Furniss, Raj Ratwani, Rebecca Randell and Anjum Chagpar