“Fieldwork for Healthcare: Case studies investigating human factors in computing systems”

The book is published in Morgan & Claypool Publishers’ Synthesis Lectures on Assistive, Rehabilitative, and Health-Preserving Technologies and can be accessed online here and the hardcopy can be purchased from Amazon here

This book contains a series of case studies from experienced researchers that have completed fieldwork studies in a variety of healthcare domains. Here researchers share stories of success and failure, experiences and lessons learnt. These include the details you don’t get from research papers; behind the scenes of the research studies.

The goal is to share the real experiences of seasoned researchers so others can learn from them. The book is aimed at the graduate researcher but it is likely to be more widely applicable as it covers the following case studies:

Chapter 1: Negotiating Capture, Resistance, Errors, and Identity: Confessions from the operating suite – Katherine Sellen, Mark Chignell, Jeannie Callum, Jacob Pendergrast, and Alison Halliday

Chapter 2: Understanding Trauma Resuscitation: Experiences From the Field and Lessons Learned – Aleksandra Sarcevic

Chapter 3: HCI Observations on an Oncology Ward: A Fieldworker’s Experience – Dominic Furniss

Chapter 4: Observing Healthcare: An Exploration Of Observersʼ Experiences and Emotions – Anjum Chagpar, Svetlena Taneva, Kevin Armour, Cassie McDaniel, Tara McCurdie, Jennifer Jeon, and Deborah Chan

Chapter 5: Finding Balance: Experiences of Studying Handover in Hospitals – Rebecca Randell

Chapter 6: Fieldwork and Challenges of Access – Brian Hilligoss

Chapter 7: Building trust: HCI researchers at a Gastro Surgical Department – Kristina Groth and Oscar Frykholm

Chapter 8: Deploying healthcare technology ‘in the wild’: Experiences from deploying a mobile health technology for bipolar disorder treatment – Mads Frost and Steven Houben

Chapter 9: Designing Technology for Extremely Vulnerable Adults: The Important Role of Staff in Design and Ethics – Anja Thieme, Paula Johnson, Jayne Wallace, Patrick Olivier, and Thomas D. Meyer

Chapter 10: The Challenges of Interviewing Older People in Their Own Homes – Ross Thomson, Jennifer Martin, and Sarah Sharples

Chapter 11: Gathering data on patients’ interactions with home hemodialysis technology – Atish Rajkomar, Ann Blandford, and Astrid Mayer

Chapter 12: Experiences in HCI, Healthcare, & Development: Lessons from the PartoPen Project in Kenya – Heather Underwood